A downloadable Flippin Kaktus for Windows

Flippin Kaktus is an action-packed tequila-driven vendetta, featuring a spiky hero with the thorny past

When the vicious drug cartel raids his home, he breaks bad in a hardcore journey to save his foster family.

Reveal the dark side of the wacky 80s punk and flip the switch to obliterate anyone in his path. 

Thorny gameplay features

Break BAD

When you fight against the vicious raiders, the end justifies the extreme. Switch Kaktus into a rage mode with tequila and adrenaline-pumping substances to annihilate the thugs.

Or keep a COOL head

Strategize and challenge your reflexes: dodge bullets, equip various armor, set ambushes and make use of the interactive environment to sabotage the enemies. Forklift lowrider? It’s on!

In ADDICTIVE gameplay

Never get bored with endless tactical possibilities (and explosions)! Excel in action by mixing stealth and dexterity with rage-fueled killing sprees to dominate your enemies.

Sending NOSTALGIC vibes...

11 unique locations with memorable design and hand-crafted levels inspired by Latin-American aesthetics, classic retro games and critically acclaimed VHS action flicks.

...and rockin' HARD

Enjoy authentic rockin’ fusion with mariachi and synthwave, explore artist-taylored graphic novel and connect all the dots in this captivating desperado odyssey.

Connect: flippinkaktus@gmail.com

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🌵 Good visuals and the levels are very challenging, I've played the first two and made a short vid here: https://youtu.be/2xVjp85GQ5E

Thanks a lot XxIndieGamerxX

I gotta say, that if you made it this far, it would be rewarding to try out the 3rd one, that's completely different in setting and provides more freedom in terms of rage breakouts :)


Round two! I really like that the focus has shifted onto stealth, it works really well with the given mechanics! Though I definitely should have focused more on that than offense in the latter section, it was still fun to try to go in guns blazing! And the platforming challenges are definitely more well balanced than last time around!


Thanks a ton for the thorough overview!
Your focus hunch is actually impeccable. 

We tried to present both sides of a no-hero in the demo and stoked it worked just right!

do you have discord or something? id be glad to help you!

Hi Maximus! I appreciate that!

There's no discord channel so far, but I'll manage that after next demo update.
Till that moment welcome: 

Hello! We got the Discord Channel :)


The youtube channel will be ready soon, we'll share all nice letsplays.

Thanks and have some flippin fun!


Awesome start! I do think some of the instant death traps are a little hard to make out against the background, and some of the mechanics are tutorialized in areas where it's damn easy to die. But overall I did have a pretty good time with it despite my huge number of deaths...


Thanks a ton for the review and notes!
The tutorial will be done in the very end to cover all mechanics better, for now it's just a glimpse. You are right, there are few not obvious death traps, it will be reconsidered. 


This demo is fun, I can't wait to see where the road will take Kaktus. :)


Thanks for the warming welcome! The story will be awesome, I can promise you that ;)


Great, bring the kaktus! :)